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At EverythingDigital, our approach and focus is to go beyond your expectations, improve customer experiences, drive processes and focus resources.

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EverythingDigital is a full-service digital marketing agency. We plan, create and build brilliant digital platforms and campaigns for like-minded businesses to use.


As the UK’s No.1 Promotional Distributor, EverythingBranded has grown over the past 10 years into a multi-national business across Europe and the US. Using this experience (and not to mention having made errors along the way), EverythingDigital is using its past learnings to build an agency to support you.

Real Business

Over the last 10 years, there have been many ups and downs, highlights and lowlights, trials and errors that has all resulted in over 1 million annual traffic and over 150 thousand customers – a number that is constantly growing! We’ve honed and mastered the digital channels for EverythingBranded, now it’s time to help our customers.

Results Only

In the evolving world of digital, we know that data is key in driving smart decisions and for growing your business. We understand this and have built our processes and deal structures to accommodate success. Delivering results is our mission!

Who we are

Rob Mobsby

Head of Marketing

Amber Sims

Senior Marketing Executive

Amy Werrell

Marketing Executive


Pierce Robson

Head of Design


Damian Syrwid

Graphic Designer


Paul Rowlett



Ronnie Findlay

Social Strategist

1X1 B&W-5

Kiran Bedder Patel

Digital Account Manager


Teravis Ward


A bit about our owner, Paul Rowlett

“Founded by our current CEO Paul Rowlett, the story of Everythingbranded.co.uk is very documented online having hit rock bottom in the financial crash. After losing his house, Paul managed to secure employment selling Google Advertising. Following some early success (and learning the mechanics of PPC, SEO and all that is digital) Paul moved on to something new and found his feet in the print sector.

Paul saw the opportunity of a fantastic varied market but rather than spending hours making outbound calls for little reward, he decided to use his experience in Google Marketing to get the customers to come to him. So, starting with only £500 and a dusty laptop, EverythingBranded was born!

Some words from Paul…

“Having built my business in 2010 with a near 100% digital strategy, it seems natural fit for me and my team to offer our proven experience to the wider world. Welcome to EverythingDigital!

“I have always hated fluff in business and decided to launch EverythingDigital with this in mind. By choosing us, we guarantee you will never receive endless invoices for ‘strategy’, but instead, get honest advice, fair pricing, but most of all, real results from a company that has lived and breathed all this since 2010.

Thanks all! These are very exciting times.

Our History


CAD is created trading as Everything Branded

CAD is created and starts trading as Everything Branded. This was a memorable moment for owner Paul Rowlett who was excited to start his first venture!


Moved to premises and 1st employee hired.

Everything Branded moves to its very first premises in Leicester, UK where thecompany hires its 1st employee.


Diamond Jubilee – Lord Lieutenant Lady Gretton puts Everything Branded on the preferred supplier list for Leicestershire

Lord Lieutenant Lady Gretton puts Everything Branded on the preferred supplier list for Leicestershire. Paul Rowlett, and the rest of the team, were over the moon to hear about this fantastic news!


Everything Branded hits £2.3million and invests in multiple brands

By 2013, Everything Branded hits £2.3million and invests in multiple brands. This was great as it helped to expand the company even further!


Team grows and Everything Branded moves offices twice to support growth. Everything Branded wins Sourcing City Award for Distributor of the Year

Between 2014 and 2015, the Everything Branded team continues to grow and they moved offices twice to support their growth. Everything Branded also wins Sourcing City Award for Distributor of the Year which was an amazing achievement.


Everything Branded USA is launched

Everything Branded USA was launched in 2016. This was another great opportunity for Everything Branded as they continue their global expansion overseas.


Chris Pitts joins as Director of Operations. US brand goes from strength to strength. CAD hits £5million

An employee joins as the Director of Operations. Everything Branded USA continues to go from strength to strength. CAD hits £5million in 2017.


CAD moves into City Centre HQ. They win 2nd place in Sourcing City Awards

CAD moves into City Centre HQ. They win2nd place in Sourcing City Awards which they were very proud of.


Launched 2 more territories – Canada and Ireland

Everything Branded launches 2 more territories in Canada and Ireland! We did say we brand everything!


Launched Two new companies amidst COVID19

EverythingPrinted and EverythingDigital are created amidst the pandemic.

EverythingDigital is Born

We know from personal experience how difficult it is to get a business started. You’re spinning plates, wearing lots of hats, trying to sell and offer a quality service all at the same time! It’s not easy.

That’s why EverythingDigital is here to help! Our experience has taught us how to best use and manage budgets, where to spend (and where not to spend), how activity paints a picture based on data, and most importantly, how we want you to grow as a business!

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